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 Ripper Warnings

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PostSubject: Ripper Warnings   Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:34 am

Greetings everyone.
This will be the Ripper Warning Thread as you could read from the title.
It will be where the Warnings will be announced by staff members.

I strongly advise you all to view this thread regularly to make sure none of you suffer. We shall put the 3 day warnings and the Death Warnings.

I'll give the specifications for the newcomers in case they do not understand. You've got 3 days to post, at the 3rd day you'll receive a warning, at the 4th your character shall die at the hands/claws/jaws of an Ripper.
For example: User [A] posted today on November 22nd.
23rd=First day.
24th=Second day.
25th=Warning for User [B]
26th=Character from User [B] will die

In case anyone can not regularly check the Harbinger Warning Thread, please post here warning us of your complications or have someone name you. So we don't have the mistake on having you killed.
The Following List of people that can't check this thread regularly are:
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Ripper Warnings
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