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 God Team 1

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God of Space

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PostSubject: God Team 1   Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:47 pm

Somewhere beyond the Ancient Forest-early morning hours

Space used his Flash Step, instantaneously moving great distances in no time at all. A more recent ability he had picked up in the planes of consciousness, though he was unsure of which precise plane. Perhaps that of the dead? Unimportant! Space thought long and hard as he travelled all over the Ancient Forest for trouble, and had come tor est on it's edges. He was unable to sense any direct attacking as of yet, but others could still be in danger. He wished that all of the creations of this universe could stop attacking, though ever since the Rippers turned up, that wish, that dream, had become a scarce memory. He could barely even remember a time when the world was peaceful.

Thoughts softly whispered through Spaces head, as he remembered his previous encounter with just one riper. He had gotten many scars in the one one fight, and he had barely escaped. He was a god, like all of the other gods, of unimaginable power, and yet a creature which had grown out of his and the others sight had bested him. It made no sense, the Ripper could have struck him down with ease had it wanted to, luckily it had been only toying with him, and he was able to create a window and escape.

"Why is the world so much more complicated than it should be? These rippers have made our lands barren, disastrous, even turned our peaceful creatures violent, deadly! This is not the way we intended the world to grow, at least not I!"

Space called out to the world in general, t everyone, and to no one.

Brony for life
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God of Earth


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PostSubject: Re: God Team 1   Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:21 am

Ancient Forest | Meadow

Earth walked through a beautiful meadow, the air was fresh, breathable and cold. This untouched place in the world is where Earth chose to wander when she needed time to think; indeed, it was a beautiful place to think too.

The flowers bloomed all sorts of colours; red, blue, white, orange, purple, yellow, pink. Though, Earth had a favorite, it was actually the smallest, most unnoticeable flower in the whole meadow, it grew all over the ground, most people would be looking at all of the gloriously coloured flowers, but Earth noticed the one you were most likely to stand on; Heather, it was a vibrant pink and very small, it's smell sweet. The meadow seemed to know not of winter and lived a constant summer.

Earth heard a twig snapping at the other end of the meadow;
She snapped turning around and there she saw a little fawn, then laughing; she noticed the little deer take off in fright, and she heard a voice shouting, coming from the edge of the forest, it sounded rather like Space, so she headed towards him, she picked up most of what he was saying; and once she had arrived she spoke gently;

"Because the Rippers are evil and should be destroyed; it is out challenge and we must follow through!"

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God Of Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: God Team 1   Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:19 pm

Ancient Forest | Early In the Dark Shadows
              Unknown woke up with a strange feeling of being watched. Faint rays of sunlight hit the mossy ground around her dark cape, her cape appearing like a blanket of shadows from the dark night. The sun stood high in the sky, it's rays cutting through the dark, green leaves on the trees surrounding Unknown.

         Unknown's eyes slightly opened to a squint, a bright ray shining onto her face. Her vision was very blurry so she was not able to see well. She still managed to make out colors and shapes but right now, all she saw was objects that seemed as blurry as a blizzard far in the arctic back on Earth, where you could barely make out anything. She slowly opened her eyes wider, her grey eyes then showed with small rings of crystal blue surrounding her pupils. Her right leg had no feeling, a surge of pain running through her body as she made a single movement of her leg. She gasped as the pain coursed through her body and as she tried to sit up. Her right leg now had feeling, a horrible one. Biting her lip because of the pain, she tried not to scream out, a scream showing that she felt a terrible pain. That single scream would lead those horrible creatures, the Rippers, to her and they would end her life.

               The Rippers were monsters that sent a chill down her spine, a surge of fear. They were nearly a phobia of her's. She was not very frightened of them but they still sent that hill through her because of their looks, and, and.....and everything about them scared her! 
                  Last night was the night she had gotten chased by one. She had run with all her might during this chase by a ripper and yes, there is a 90% chance that she would be caught and killed. It was dangerous and it had nearly caught her by the leg as it pounced breathlessly, but she had luckily managed to escape. That moment was a moment she would see no final ray of light if she was caught because it was midnight. She leaped to her rescue and ran, many bushes and their spikes leaving marks and cuts on her grey, peach-colored skin. She had landed on this dark, mossy spot after running for her life and then everything turning black, feeling herself gently fall to the soft ground after the most shocking moment of her life. It was strange how the Ripper hadn't found and killed her even though she was on the trail.

                Unknown sat against the old oak tree that was nearest to her, slowly and painfully bringing her legs up to her chest. Her hood covered her eyes from the moonlight. She rarely showed her eyes and tonight was a night she had shown it once again. Her badly hurt leg had a large cut across the front and the other leg only remained with a bruise on her knee. She stared at them and blinked in amazement. She had gotten bigger scars and bruises before but that was long ago after a large battle she had gotten herself in. 
         She had never felt more dishearted than she did on her last big battle and she wished to experience a bigger battle sometime soon. Then she would manage to show how brave, strong, and how non-cowardly she is. Somehow, she, and hopefully some others, have 'faded' away to another dimension- farther away from her destiny, her future, from Earth. Being in this new place where heavy rains and storms came and passed by was a very strange thing. Well, to her it was, especially when you are 'transported' into a new and different universe! 

Unknown held her knees up to her chest for a while, digging her face into her knees, her cape coming more over her shoulders. She sat there for a long time, trying to calm herself down and thinking everything straight steadily and very clearly to herself. You were once roaming earth, and now you have experience being magically taken into a completely different dimension, she thought. Your name is Unknown, you are seeking help and hopefully you will also survive through your journey and live your life "happily".

Unknown took a deep breath before trying to stand, keeping one hand on the tree and to keep balance and using the other to push herself up. The pain gradually grew and she tried not to put to much weight on her right leg. She began to limp to a large stump sitting in the middle of the "spotlight." She decided to sit there and hopefully, no Rippers would be coming her way. She took a deep breath and plopped onto the stump. Good grief, she thought. I wish I hadn't gotten myself into this mess! She was a God but she didn't always act strong and modest of herself. Right now was the time she could show her a small part of her weakness to a part of the forest...
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PostSubject: Re: God Team 1   

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God Team 1
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