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 Mortal Creeplings Shop

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God Of Darkness

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PostSubject: Mortal Creeplings Shop   Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:23 pm

Work In Progress...
Hello there mortals and welcome to the Moetal Creeplings Shop!

- Please buy a Creepling Card at the LU shop before buying a creature! {Creepling Cards allow you to buy creatures with an certain limit for creatures!}

- Specify what you want to purchase and quantity
- Post each request on separate lines


|Patience makes Perfect!|

Please be patient when waiting for creatures to be done or when waiting for your offer to be accepted! It takes time to get things done and patience and if you keep bothering us with whining and all, we might take even longer!

|What To Say...|

In here, you will be able to give comments and critic about this shop, but please don't give to much chat speak to where you'll lead your self into OOC {out of character} Stay on topic, and if you must be out of OOC, go to our Freedom Corner
and you may chat about anything in there, as long as you follow the rules for our website.

Art Work Criticism
When commenting on the designs or art work, please either PM them or comment in their art shops if they allow you to. If the artists have already created a topic for comments and critic for their work, please make sure you post there instead.

Creepling Cards
PLEASE make sure you purchase a Creeplings card before purchaHert here!

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Mortal Creeplings Shop
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