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 God of Ice - Semi done.

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God of Ice


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PostSubject: God of Ice - Semi done.   Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:11 am

I've somewhat started to draw the picture for her.

Name: Blue

Species: Wolf/God of Ice

Class- Elemental Mage

Ranks- God

Gender- Female.

Weapons- Well, she doesn't usually fight, it's not her style, but when she does, she normally uses what's left of her fangs after they we're crushed way back when she was a mortal. Or she will use her Ice powers to sneak away from her enemies. She normally uses stealth to get around and tries to avoid direct combat. She gets her pray by deluding them to thinking she's somewhere where she's not or she leads them to a pre-made trap.

Height: Standing on all fours: 4"2 although when she was a mortal she was less than 3 feet.

Weight: 146 pounds.

Personality: She can get to be a bit snarky at times and tends to mouth off. She gets a bit grouchy at the most random things. She greatly detests working with partners at first but learns to work with them and even respects some of them. She uses a lot of satire and irony at the wrong times and although she has only a limited amount of actual combat training, due to her losing her fangs, she mouths off to her antagonists. She's most useful as a spy but she can get careless at times and forget what she's doing or alert her victims in some way and get caught.

Looks: She has a Kai-ken *A rare Japaness dog, in the Spitz family* appearance and somewhere in her family tree is a crossbreed of a Kai-ken and a wolf. Though with her becoming a god, she's received a few markings that normal wolves or dogs do not have.

Powers: She has the power to distort Ice whenever or however she pleases. Though she's quite bipolar with this power. There are times where she abuses her power and times where she doesn't use it at all for a long period of time.

History: (This part is a WIP) She was breed as a use for fighting in dog arenas and people mistook her for a dog just because of her markings. (Which at the time were just tiger stripes) She ended up losing her fangs to being tossed at the bars of the arena and just being laughed at the whole time by humans. Though, she was shown pity and was made a god since she would never fight back against the dogs in the arena, hoping to die. The humans had made her a bait dog to train the others after she got her little fang disability. After she was made a god, she broke out of her prison and has managed to hide well against the evil of the world. Secluding herself to lonely islands with no human population present. Happy to be free and alone. All to herself.

User Notes: Nothing much to say.
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God Of Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: God of Ice - Semi done.   Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:31 am

What climate are you on? Stormy clouds, erupting valcanoes, etc? I'm in Stormy clouds.

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God of Ice - Semi done.
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