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 Unknown [Stormy Clouds-God Team 1/The Great Forest of Irirdescence]

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PostSubject: Unknown [Stormy Clouds-God Team 1/The Great Forest of Irirdescence]   Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:09 am

Image- Coming Soon

Name of Character- Unknown (may change)
Gender- Female
Age- 327 (29 years old in years now)
Height- 6' 2"
Weight- 99.9
Rank- God

Class-God & Combat Crafter

Personality- Unknown acts unknown. At least, most of the time. She is a God of respect and honor of all the work others have done. She has a good side and a bad side.
The bad side- She acts very evilish. She may say something stupid-sounding, but it may be something smart. She acts calm but serious at times like these. She gives information to those who are respectful and honest, and are in great need of it but you may not want to get to close if I were you. She may seem to harmful if you annoy her too much at these times. Her bad side is bad as you should know and she may lead you to fights, battles, challenges, or wars if you are disrespectful and don't even think about using those threatful words around her because she can punish you oftenly, almost like a deadly challenge. She is a God, don't you think? And Gods re serious...
Her good side- She is warm and gentle in her sweet, soft voice. Not like her cruel, cold sounding voice when in her bad side, but very gentle and honest on her good side. She loves to chat with others when she has her short reams or free time but you don't want to have too much fun because Unknown has a lot of work to do at many times. She has her nice way of letting you know when something must be done and she may give you warnings so keep close attention to them. She has the ability to bring you to dark clouds if she has to and you may not survive them but in his mood, she is ready to have a serious but natural day.

Weapons- Unknown has a strange choice of weapons ans she has also created some as well. CHAINSAW!! No, she would only offer that at those times when others tell her something bad honestly. A Staff is something she would prefer with spell books. She loves to practice her spells, and she would practice them at many times a day. Her staff carries a strange sphere-like shape with a strange symbol that looms like this: (coming soon.) It represents her faith, love, hope, courage and powers. She will show the way to her destinations sometimes when she has it. But she sometimes may choose deadly if she were that brave. Maybe something like a chainsaw-like item. Dometmes she prefers bow and arrow. And battles may lead her to swords. It may seem weird to have a female knight to you, but she hunks it is completely normal.

Appearance- Unknown has bluish-peach color when in a bad mood but just a golden peach color when in a good mood or at other times. She was originally named Unknown because if the long blue-ish-red coat she wears, revealing her face rarely at times. She has a blue eye and a green eye, blue as the ocean and green as the dark, green forest. Blue as cold as stone and green as deep as in the meadow. Her eyes do change colors. The colors and color changing depends on either her mood or what season it is. Here are the color codes:
Winter- left eye blue, right eye brown
Summer- Left eye green, right eye yellowish-gold
Fall- Right eye Crimson, Left Eye Orange
Spring- Left eye blue, Right eye green

During fighting moments- Her eyes can be either a hard stone grey, really dark grey, or both an orange-red color.
Sometimes those eye colors may change, but they normally stay that way.
Unknown can also "shapeshift." When a wolf, her name turns to Blade and her coat colors are grey with dark-gry triangle-shaped strikes. She had mostly grey, white and black when an animal. The main animals she can turn into most of the time are:
-Unicorn (more like a horse)
-Mouse (maybe she can ride in someone's pocket XD)

Spells-Only for mages, discovered as you find spell books

History- WIP
User Notes- I will apply all pictures. When Unknown is in her good side, bad side, when she is a mouse, horse, raccoon etc. All pictures will be applied.

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Unknown [Stormy Clouds-God Team 1/The Great Forest of Irirdescence]
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