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 Safehouse Thread

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PostSubject: Safehouse Thread   Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:20 pm

Welcome everyone, to the Safehouse. This is where members can post their characters (with links) to ask to be put in to the safehouse, and the safehouse moderators will post when people are put in'out of the safehouse, along with the deadline, and what team those in the safehouse are in. Checking here regularly is a good idea.

If you do not wish to risk a Ripper attack, then follow the example. (does not have to be exact with the words, just the links)

Quote :
Hi SH Overlords, may I be placed in the safehouse?
(Link) Blah of Blah Team
(Link) Blah2 of Blah2 Team
(Link) Blah3 of Blah 3 Team
(Link) Blah4 of Blah4 Team

Please use manners when requesting to be taken in/out of the safehouse. To be taken out of the safehouse, just do the same thing as going in, link, and use manners asking to be removed.

These rules will be enforced tightly, and so if you do not follow the rules, then you risk getting attacked by a Ripper.
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Safehouse Thread
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