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 Landing Square

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PostSubject: Landing Square   Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:50 pm

This is where you first land when entering the Lost Universe. The four points, and the centre are all there. The man has told you, and now you know of what you must do. Choose a class. Grow, stop the king, and fix the world. The questions are, who are you? Can you do it? What class are you?

Before you continue, you must read the rules thread.

Profile Guidelines

-Staff are gods over whichever sub-sub class they choose. Members can not be gods
-When you grow in power, remember to change your rank and class/sub class/sub sub class accordingly

Character Approval
-After your profile is submitted to the Profile Computer, a god will approve your character for exploration.
-Team name/Zone you want must be placed in characters title
-Team Character Sheets are updated regularly. (They will have (OPEN) in the thread title if they are available to join)
-Once approved, you will be able to start your adventure.
-Your character will be placed in the appropriate team sheet and given a turn slot in specified team. Visit the sheets to find out when your RP turn occurs.
-If you don't have a preference to what team you are placed on, place (ANY) after the name
-Profiles will be looked at within the week it was created. Members are NOT to harass Gods over approval.

Character Sheet Breakdown

Image of your character.
Must coincide with any unique attributes of your character
(Scars, hair colour, markings etc.)

Name of Character-Self Explanatory


Age-nothing under 14 nothing over 35

Height- How tall are they

Weight- How heavy are they

Rank-0 Until you are ranked up by a God

Class-Whatever class you are, and eventually whatever sub class, and sub sub class you are

Personality-How they act, any characteristics they have.

Weapons-What weapons are you carrying, Staff, spell books, swords, shields etc.

Appearance-What do they look like (Must coincide with the image)

Spells-Only for mages, discovered as you find spell books (none until you have spell books)

History-The characters history

User Notes-Anything you have to say about them

We wish you all luck
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Landing Square
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