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 Rules of this Lost Universe

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PostSubject: Rules of this Lost Universe   Tue Apr 17, 2012 7:45 am

As you have been summoned to this place, this realm, you know only of your old life, in the other world. You know nothing of this place, other than what you will learn on your travels, on your quest to save this place, and yourself. If you wish to survive, then you must be on your toes, always ready to strike, to kill anyone, and anything. Human nature puts us in a violent mood, makes us panic, not think properly, when in danger, in the condition of this, the same effects happen. Peace is tough to come by, but people will eventually come to calm and join each other. This does not mean everyone will be friends, unfortunately. Everyone is distrustful, everyone is fearful.

Along with the distrust of friends in this world, there are also many people you will see on your journeys. You will meet many people who live in towns, who live in forests, who live alone, together. Anyone can live almost anywhere, but almost everyone is fearful. Monsters live in this world. Monsters of all sorts, of all shapes and sizes. Monsters made of fire, of water, of light, of energy. Monsters made of flesh and bone, and monsters made of nothing. These monsters terrorise villagers, and kill all that they come across. They are not very smart, but are very powerful, they are primal, and act for food, for survival, not for entertainment. They are very powerful and deadly. Do your best to vanquish these horrible beings, and you may just survive for another day.

When battling these creatures you may use many weapons, magic and items to injure them, and hopefully vanquish them from this realm. Many times, you may find certain weapons ineffective, along with spells, and various items. Specific abilities will be useless against certain monsters, and these will be found out through trial and error, unfortunately, this may also kill you. At least others can learn. Something's will take knowledge to learn, others, common sense. Using fire magic on a fire monster will be very ineffective, if not completely useless.

When a monster gets the upper hand, you will indeed most likely die. Many times, a member will be hurt, and can not be saved, but other times they can be saved. Many healers live in this world, and many people can become healers. Just choose the right class. Along with the choice of your class, as you grow, your strengths will increase, but it is not possible to be strong at everything, you can only grow stronger in sub classes.


Mage Sub Classes:

Elemental Mage Sub Classes:

Energy Mage Sub Classes:

Priest Sub Classes

Light Priest Sub Classes

Dark Priest Sub Classes

Warrior Sub Classes

Weapon Warrior Sub Classes


Body Warrior Sub Classes

Assassin Sub Classes

Damage Dealer Sub Classes

Sneaker Sub Classes

Crafter Sub Classes

Magic Crafter Sub Classes

Combat Crafter

You will start out as one of the base classes, and will be weak. As you rank up, you will become stronger. You can only grow stronger in one area, and so you must choose a sub class. As you grow further, you must select a final sub class for your speciality. As you grow further, you will become a master of your area of expertise. Some classes are not for battle, but to gather points, while others are for battle, but do not gain any points for them. (Points are automatically gained for each official RP post you make.) So choose wisely, mortal.

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Rules of this Lost Universe
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