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 The Rippers

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PostSubject: The Rippers   Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:22 am

You, the beings from the other world, must know something about this realm. While many monsters and enemies that hide in every shadow, in every corner, every forest, will try to stop and kill you, there are the ones you should truly fear. The ones that exist as horrific forces in this Lost Universe, that strike fear into the hearts of even gods like myself. The ones that were not crafted by the known gods, believed to have been created from an unknown, evil god, or evolved by itself, secretly, invisibly. Powerfully. Quickly.

The Rippers are 4 terrifying beasts of the universe, living up to their name as they kill, maim, and rip the flesh from even the strongest of this universe. While most monsters in this world are acting ff of the most basic, primal urges, the Rippers have grown, evolved, much like animals, and even humans. They are as smart, if not smarter, than humans. Beware of these creatures; they seem to target those that are slower than the other beings the target is grouped with.

Do not engage these horrifying creatures, they are powerful, fast, and perhaps the most terrifying of all, cunning. All you can do to avoid these beasts is to keep your wits about you and never allow yourself to be sluggish. If you need rest, journey to a safehouse, and you will be guarded as you recover your strength to continue on your mission. As for those who do not rest within the safehouse... keep on your toes and you might just avoid them.

I and the other gods will try to give you more information of them as we can get it, hopefully it will not come at the cost of another life.
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The Rippers
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