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 A New World-Plot

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PostSubject: A New World-Plot   Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:28 pm

Welcome to The Lost Universe

People are disappearing randomly. No one knows what s happening. A crisis all over the planet. Nobody is safe. It began approximately two and a half years ago. Now, families try and stay together, keep an eye on each other. But whether people watch, or look away, no one is safe. People just... fade away. None of the worlds scientists can figure it out, no matter how much they study, no matter how many tests they perform. They never will. Not because they are not smart enough, but because they look for science. For a scientific answer, which they will never find.

The answer is not scientific, but more... mystical, magical. As amazing as it is, it is also incredibly deadly, as you will find out soon enough. You have just dissolved away. Faded from the sight of your family, faded from your own world, to a new world, a new realm. A Lost Universe. This dimension holds more magic than the old world. This is where everyone ends up upon disappearing. They always land in the same spot, as no two people are taken at the same time. They land in the middle of what appears to be a square of items, and a centre item as well. A square is burnt on to the ground. Grass everywhere except for the burnt line. The grass is not ordinary. No green, only blue.

Each corner holds a small pedestal, which seems to glow with power. Each pedestal held items on it. The top left from where you land holds a small, one-hand sword and a dagger. The top right holds a staff. The staff has a deep groove at the top, which holds within it a small glass orb, which seems to glow and change colours, yellow, red, blue, green, white, black. Every colour imaginable. The bottom left contained a small bow and arrow, and also contained a dagger. The bottom right contained a small bottle filled with a sloshing light blue liquid. it also contains another bottle, an exact double of the other, with red liquid instead of blue. A hammer and anvil sits in the centre, on a final, glowing pedestal.

An old man runs up to you. "Danger! You are in immense danger! Many have been summoned here, and we are not sure why. A dark plot is brewing, and we fear that we can do nothing about it, for our ruler used to be kind, but he has become tyrannical, evil. We are allowed to do nothing about it. He seems to be cooking up some dangerous plot. We are not sure what it is though, but ever since he changed, ever since he became cruel, unkind, our land has been cast into storms. Danger. Disaster. Ever since, beings from other realms have been brought here, to this ancient ruin. Along with the appearances, storms and changes in our king, this ruin has come alive again. The 5 ancient pedestals glowing. Each one eternally filled with weapons of one battle class, for we believe that only your type can save us. You and your kind are the answer to our prayers. Now, you must select your class. Mage, Priest, Warrior, Assassin or the Crafter. Once you have chosen, grab the items that fit that category, and leave. But be prepared for the change. This small area is like a memory of our once peaceful and, but upon exiting it, you will see the true form of out land."

With that, he runs away. Trees stand a short distance away, which he disappears into. The wind carries a faint echo. The man's voice, "Quickly, choose, and flee. " With that, the wind quietens down, and no sound can be heard. The only sound left is your feet crushing the blue grass, nothing but you and the pedestals. The only thing to do was to choose your weapon. Your class. What will you be?
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A New World-Plot
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